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Call our owner, Ralph, at (815) 795-3893 for a professional and timely repair service 


After getting an idea of the nature of your vending machine problem by way of phone or e-mail, we will set up a mutually convenient time to meet with you at your location and make the necessary repair and/or instruction. EIGHTY-FIVE percent of our service calls are successfully completed for the minimum $75.00 service call fee. We are a factory trained and authorized INDEPENDENT service entity. Trust the professionals at Accucount Vending for all of your vending machine repair needs. With more than 25 years of hands on experience, we offer professional service at an affordable rate.

It is common for a business to buy a soda or snack machine and the person who was initially instructed leaves the company or gets transferred, and the new person in charge just needs a bit of instruction from a pro to keep your vending program running smoothly.

For total repairs and services with a 90-day guaranteeContact us  for professional snack, soda, and vending machine repair services.

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Factory Authorized to Repair:

Sam's Club • USI • Selectivend • Vendnet


Contact us in the Chicagoland areas, Northern and Central IllinoisNorthwest Indiana, and Southern Indiana for snack, soda, and vending machine repair services.

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